Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business and Practice 

 Restoring Natural Capital

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Aronson, J., Milton, S.J. & Blignaut, J.N. (eds.) Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business and Practice. Island Press, Washington , D.C. 390 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1-59726-076-3  

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                                                                                                    Table of contents 

Aronson, J., Milton, S.J. & Blignaut, J.N. 2007. Chapter 1. Restoring natural capital: definitions and rationale. Pp 3-8 In: Aronson, J., Milton, S.J. & Blignaut, J.N. (eds.) Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business and Practice. Island Press,Washington, D.C

James N. Blignaut, James Aronson, Paddy Woodworth, Sean Archer, Narayan Desai, and Andre F. Clewell  Chapter 2. Restoring Natural Capital: A Reflection on Ethics 9-16

Joshua Farley and Erica J. Brown Gaddis Chapter 3. Restoring Natural Capital: An Ecological Economics Assessment pp 17-27

Eugenio Figueroa  Chapter 4. Restoring Natural Capital: A Mainstream Economic Perspective 28-35

Richard Norgaard, Phoebe Barnard, and Patrick Lavelle 2007. Chapter 5. Assessing and Restoring Natural Capital Across Scales: Lessons from the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 36-43

Reinette Biggs and Robert J. Scholes  2007. Chapter 6. Assessing the Loss in Natural Capital: A Biodiversity Intactness Index pp 44-54


PART II. Restoring Natural Capital: Experiences and Lessons 55 


W. Richard J. Dean and Chris J. Roche 2007. Chapter 7. Setting Appropriate Restoration Targets for Changed Ecosystems in the Semiarid Karoo,South Africapp 57-63

Louise Holloway 2007. Chapter 8. Targeting Sustainable Options for Restoring Natural Capital in Madagascarpp 64-75

David Tongway and John Ludwig 2007. Chapter 9. Landscape Function as a Target for Restoring Natural Capital in Semiarid Australia 76-84

Cathy Waters, Andrew G. Young, and Jim Crosthwaite 2007. Chapter 10. Genetic Integrity as a Target for Natural Capital Restoration: Weighing the Costs and Benefits 85-93


Andrew Carey 2007. Chapter 11. Restoring and Maintaining Natural Capital in the Pacific Northwest,USA 94-102

John Craig and Éva-Terézia Vesely 2007. Chapter 12. Restoring and Maintaining Natural Capital Reconnects People to Their Natural Heritage:Tiritiri   Matangi Island, New Zealand 103-111

Martin R. Aguiar and Marcela E. Román 2007. Chapter 13. Restoring Forage Grass to Support the Pastoral Economy of Arid Patagonia 112-121

William McGhee 2007. Chapter 14. A Community Approach to Restore Natural Capital: The Wildwood Project 122-128

Christo Fabricius andGeorginaCundill 2007. Chapter 15. An Adaptive Co-management Approach to Restoring Natural Capital in Communal Areas of South Africa 129-136

P. S. Ramakrishnan 2007. Chapter 16. Participatory Use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Restoring Natural Capital in Agroecosystems of Rural India 137-145

Suzanne M. Langridge, Mark Buckley, and Karen D. Holl 2007. Chapter 17. Overcoming Obstacles to Restoring Natural Capital: Large-scale Restoration on the Sacramento River 146-153

James N. Blignaut and Christina E. Loxton 2007. Chapter 18. An Approach to Quantify the Economic Value of Restoring Natural Capital: A Case from South Africa 154-161



Kirsten Schuyt, Stephanie Mansourian, Gabriella Roscher, and Gerard Rambeloarisoa 2007. Chapter 19. Capturing the Economic Benefits from Restoring Natural Capital in Transformed Tropical Forests 162-169

Coert J. Geldenhuys 2007. Chapter 20. Restoring Natural Forests to Make Medicinal Bark Harvesting Sustainable in South Africa 170-178

Anthony J. Mills, Jane K. Turpie, Richard M. Cowling, Christo Marais, Graham I. H. Kerley, Richard G. Lechmere-Oertel, Ayanda M. Sigwela ,and Mike Powell 2007. Chapter 21. Assessing Costs, Benefits, and Feasibility of Restoring Natural Capital in Subtropical Thicket in South Africa 179-187

Holmes, P.M.,Richardson, D.M. and Marais, C. 2007. Chapter 22. Costs and Benefits of Restoring Natural Capital Following Alien Plant Invasions in Fynbos Ecosystems in South Africa 188-197

J. Deon van Eeden, Roy A. Lubke, and Pippa Haarhoff 2007. Chapter 23. Return of Natural, Social, and Financial Capital to the Hole Left by Mining 198-207

Christopher Elliman and Nathan Berry 2007. Chapter 24. Protecting and Restoring Natural Capital in New York City’s Watersheds to Safeguard Water 208-215

Liba Pejchar, Joshua H. Goldstein, and Gretchen C. Daily 2007. Chapter 25. Making the Restoration of Natural Capital Profitable on Private Land: Koa Forestry on Hawaii Island 216-224


PART III. Restoring Natural Capital: Tactics and Strategies 225 


William E. Rees, Joshua Farley, Éva-Terézia Vesely, and Rudolf de Groot 2007. Chapter 26. Valuing Natural Capital and the Costs and Benefits of Restoration 227-236

Mike. D. Young, Stefan Hajkowicz, Erica J. Brown Gaddis, and Rudolf de Groot 2007. Chapter 27. A Decision Analysis Framework for Proposal Evaluation of Natural Capital Restoration 237-248



Karen D. Holl, Liba Pejchar, and Steve G. Whisenant 2007. Chapter 28. Overcoming Physical and Biological Obstacles to Restoring Natural Capital 249-255

Christo Marais, Paddy Woodworth, Martin de Wit, John Craig, Karen D. Holl, and Jennifer Gouza 2007. Chapter 29. Overcoming Socioeconomic Obstacles to Restoring Natural Capital 256-264



Robert J. Scholes, Reinette Biggs, Erica J. Brown Gaddis, and Karen D. Holl 2007. Chapter 30. Overcoming Obstacles at a Global Scale to Restore Natural Capital 265-274

Joshua Farley, Erica J. Brown Gaddis, William E. Rees, and Katrina Van Dis 2007. Chapter 31. Managing Our Global Footprint Through the Restoration of Natural Capital at a Global Scale 275-285



Rudolf de Groot, Martin de Wit, Erica J. Brown Gaddis, Carolyn Kousky, William McGhee, and Mike D. Young 2007. Chapter 32. Making Restoration Work: Financial Mechanisms 286-293

William McGhee, John Craig, Rudolf de Groot, James S. Miller, and Keith Bowers 2007. Chapter 33. Making Restoration Work: Nonmonetary Mechanisms 294-204


PART IV. Synthesis 303 

Richard M. Cowling, Shirley M. Pierce, and Ayanda M. Sigwela 2007. Chapter 34. Mainstreaming the Restoration of Natural Capital: A Conceptual and Operational Framework 305-312

Milton, S.J. Aronson, J., & Blignaut, J.N. 2007. Chapter 35. Restoring towards a better future. Pp 313-318 In: Aronson, J., Milton, S.J. & Blignaut, J.N. (eds.) Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business and Practice. Island Press,Washington,D.C.