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Books on ecology, restoration, the Karoo, plants and animals

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Handbook of Road Ecology

Restoring Natural Capital

Karoo Veld - Ecology and Management

The Karoo


Handbook of Road Ecology

Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business & Practice

Karoo Veld

Ecology and Management

The Karoo

Ecological Patterns and Practices 


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Warriors, Dilettantes & Businessmen


Observations on Environmental Change in South Africa


Warriors, dilettantes and businessmen. Bird collectors during the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries in southern Africa.





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 Reports on Veld Restoration and Ecological Management

Milton, S.J. Rapid Assessment Method for Renosterveld, 2007.

Milton, S.J. Feasibility and benefits of veld rehabilitation following control of invasive Prosopis in the Calvinia area, 2010.

Milton, S.J. & Dean, W.R.J. 2010. The basis for sustainable business in the Karoo: bringing together ecological and economic issues. Journal of Development Support 2: 58 - 66   Our thanks to Prof Doreen Atkinson, the editor of “Journal of Development Support”, for permission to put this publication on our website.  

Milton, S.J. Road-verge Vegetation Management Guidelines for Eden District Municipality, 2011. Table Mountain Fund (TMF) via the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) sponsored the roadside biodiversity management training project.  

Milton, S.J. Report on clearing of pink tamarisk (Tamarix ramosissima) on Wolwekraal Nature Reserve (Farm 211, part 2), Prince Albert 2014-2015. 

Milton, S.J. & Dean, WRJ. Ecological Restoration Experiments Wolwekraal Nature Reserve 11-15 July 2015, Prince Albert, 2016.



Papers on the Karoo

Milton, S.J. & Dean, W.R.J. 2015. Repairing compound damage in arid ecosystems -challenges and controversies Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70(2) 127-133 (Special Issue L. Scot)   Please click here to read the paper (pdf) 


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